Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Vol.1 / Issue.6 – 2015

  1. A SCOPING REVIEW OF ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORD AROUND THE WORLD, HIGHLIGHTING ITS STATUS IN INDIA   by Saloni Gupta ,  Department of Pharmacology, Seth G. L. Bihani S. D. College of Technical Education, Sri Ganganagar (Raj.).
  2. Effect of diameter on Properties of steel by Balaraju M, Metallurgical Engineering Andhra Pradesh, India.
  3. Poverty, social attitudes and environmental planning  by Stefanos Paraskevopoulos, University of Thessaly, Greece.
  4. Big Data: Big Innovations in Healthcare by Jasmeen Gill, RIMT-IET, Mandi Gobindgarh, Shaminder Singh, GGI, Khanna. and Devdutt Baresary, GGI,Khanna.
  5. What does globalisation have to do with the education of women and the girl-child in Nigeria? by Mbakogu, Ifeyinwa, McGill University, School of Social Work, Montreal QC, Canada.
  6. A Pilot Study on Driving performance and Crash Characteristics under Simulated Indian Traffic Condition by Neelima Chakrabarty , Kamini Gupta and Harsha Soman . Engineering and Safety Division, CSIR-Central Road Research Institute, Matura Road, New-Delhi, India.
  7. Military Expenditure and the Socio-Economic Performance of the Philippines  by Dariano, Maria Victoria B . University of the Philippines Baguio