How to Submit

First Step : Write and Format Research Paper

Authors are requested to write an original and unpublished research paper and format it correctly as per the given format on our website ( Click here to Download Paper Format).

Note : Incorrectly formatted papers are deemed to be rejected by editors. We have zero tolerance to plagiarism and all papers are checked with plagiarism checkers before starting the review process.

Please Make Sure that No grammatical errors or spelling mistakes should be there in the research paper.

  • Pictures/Images in the research paper should be as per the format given on paper format on our website.
  • Proper citations and references should be present in the paper.
  • Save the research paper in .doc format ( not .docx)
  • Every page should have a page number.

Second Step : Submit your paper

Paper can be submitted using the online submission form available at our website or by sending it to the editors. After the paper submission an initial acknowledgement would be received within 48 hours of the submission with a steps for procedure to be followed after the submission.