Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR)

Vol-3, Issue-4, 2016 (Special Issue), ISSN: 2454-1362

Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Recent Trends in Science Technology, Management and Society

  1. Morphological, Molecular Characterization of Trichodermaspecies Isolated From Different Rhizosphere Soils and Its Anti-Pathogenic Properties By Chennappa G, Naik MK, Amaresh YS, Ravikiran, Ashwathanarayan DS,Patil MG, Mahadevaswami1, Divya Nair  and Shruthi P     –   Dept. of Plant Pathology, Dept. of Agricultural Microbiology1, College of Agriculture, UAS, Raichur- 584104, Karnataka, India
  2. An Introduction to the Concept of Environmental Accounting and Reporting- Indian Scenario
    By   Dr. Pradip Kumar Das   –   Associate Professor& Teacher- in – Charge, Commerce Unit, Jagannath Kishore College, Purulia (West Bengal), India.  Affiliation to Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University, Purulia, (West Bengal), India.
  3. Indian Dance Drama Tradition By  Dr. Geetha B V    –  Post-Doctoral research fellow, Women Studies Department,  Kuvempu University, Shankarghatta, Shimoga.
  4. Ecological Impact on Varada River Phytoplankton near Haveri Belt, Karnatak-India By E. B. Sedamkar1, S. R. Shirodkar2 & B. Vasanthkumar3     –   1Department of Botany, K.L.E ‘S G. H. College, HAVERI-581 110.  2Department of Zoology, G. C. College, ANKOLA.  3Department of Zoology, Govt Arts and Science College, KARWAR. Karnatak-India
  5. Buddhist Sculptures of Karnataka By  Dr. Jayashree Deshmanya   –  Lecturer, Dept. of History, Karnatak Arts College Dharwad.
  6. Attitude of Chamarajanagara District (India) Secondary School Teachers towards Using New Technology By   Dr. Haseentaj1 & Mr. Pradeepkumar. M2    –   1Professor, Department of Education, Bangalore University, Bangalore.  2Research Scholar, Department of Education, Bangalore University, Bangalore.  2Assistant professor, Vijaya teachers college Bangalore.
  7. Effect Of pH Of Soil on Nesting Sites and Life Stages of Bumble Bees in Bengaluru and Its Environs By  Renukadevi  K., Manjunaha. B & M.S.Reddy   –   Center for Apiculture Studies, Department of Zoology,  Bangalore University, Bangalore-560056, Karnataka, India.
  8.  Seasonal Diversity and Distribution of Macro Benthos of Gangavali Estuary, Uttar Kannada, West Coast of India. By  S. R. Shirodkar1, B. Vasanthkumar2 & E. B. Sedamkar3     –   1Dept. of Zoology, Gokhale Centenary College, Ankola (UK).  2Dept. of Zoology, Govt Arts & Science College, Karwar.  3Dept of Botany, KLE’S G.H College, Haveri, Karnataka, INDIA-581314.
  9.  Distribution & Diversity of Crustacean Fauna in the Mangrove Ecosystem of Kali Estuary, Karwar, West Coast of India. By B. Vasanthkumar1, E. B .Sedamkar2 &S. R. Shirodkar     –   P.G Department of studies in Zoology, Government Arts &Science College, ( Autonomos) Karwar- 581303, India.  Department of Botany, KLE’S G.H. College, Haveri, India.  Department Zoology. G. C. College, Ankola (U.K)